Word of the week (6)

This word is not just a word, it’s a way of life. At least, it is for me.

A philocalist is someone who sees the beauty in everything. I do see the beauty in everything, do you? One of my best friends once said to me that I see life in HD and she was absolutely right, I really do.

I’m going to keep it short, but I would like you to look for the beauty this week. It is there, trust me! Become a philocalist! I dare you!

See you soon……

When you feel like all the stories are taken

You know when you sit down to write because inspiration has hit and you are all excited and you reach for your coffee and have a moment of unwanted clarity…… damn…… this story has already been written. So you get annoyed with yourself and go and eat some cake, or is that just me?

Let me tell you this friends, the story may well have been told before, it may have been told in 42 thousand different ways and although it may sound cliche (come on, who doesn’t love a good cliche?!) it has never been written by you. You have something special, something that no one else has; your voice. You have the ability to tell a story that is completely different to anyone else. Cling to this. Remember it when you feel low. Write it down and leave it where you can see it. Print out my quote. Do whatever you need to do to move forward. I believe in you!

If I am totally honest I am still working on my voice, I write exactly how I speak on here and that is when I’m at my most comfortable. In the same way that no 2 people speak the same, no 2 writers write the same. If you can’t think of a story you want to write, reimagine one you already know. You may find an unexpected comfort zone.

And if you need a little pep talk or gentle push then give me a shout, let’s not do this alone!

See you next time…..

Word of the week (5)

Phew! Where has this week gone? It’s been a frenzy of summer sun, people moaning about how dry their gardens are and small children being covered in ice cream. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

Onto today’s word, I love this word, during my degree I took a small amount of pleasure in squeezing it in whenever I spoke about the eye or communication between animals. It’s nice to say and sounds like a flurry of clicks!

Nictitate. Say it a couple of times to get the feel of it. It means to close one eye briefly, it’s like a post way of saying wink!

Fun fact, some animals have what we refer to as a third eyelid that closes a split second before they blink, or if they are under any kind of anaesthetic it will drift across their eye and make them look heavy eyed! The proper name for this is a nictitating membrane. A bit of science there for you!

There are many ways to use this, for instance you could nudge your friend in a bar and announce loudly that the guy over in the corner just nictitated!

Or if you run a Girlguiding pack you could play nictitate murder! (I might do this with mine in September and let you know how I get on!

Until then friends, I doth my cap and nictate in your direction!

See you soon……

Word Of The Week (4)

Oh! I love this word, well words really. Not only is it featured in the Elvis song ‘The lady loves me’ from viva Las Vegas but it sounds so cool when you drop it into conversation. Pronunciation can be tricky with this word, you can listen to the song here so you can see how to pronounce it correctly. And because, you know, Elvis!

You know those people that know exactly what to do in any situation, or have absolute tact? Yeah? Well they have savior-faire! Cool eh? I am always amazed at how there are literally words for everything and although I do not have the widest vocabulary, especially for a writer, I do like to learn new words!

How would you pop this into conversation? Would you keep it casual or try to ramp up the conversation with your new fancy word?

Have fun and enjoy a bit of Elvis!

See ya soon….

Self doubt ā€˜vā€™ Iā€™m a genius moments

We all have self doubt, that’s a given, no one is so super confident that they think they are great all the time. But a lot of people talk about self doubt and how to get over it and in my opinion the truth of the matter is that you can’t. There, I said it. Controversial I know. But hear me out.

Self doubt is what keep’s you going, sounds backwards right? No! It’s really not! Because you strive for perfection and you feel that you are not good enough which means you will continue to write, your writing will improve and you will get better. So embrace your self doubt, it’s what helps to spur you on.

Genius moments on the other hand. Can be a total double edge sword. On the one hand you may have actually written something that is clearly a work of genius that needs to be recognised by the whole world over and will probably secure your name in history along with Shakespeare and Stephen King. You feel that swell of pride and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. And on very few occasions, it really is that good, however if you leave it for a couple of days and then re-read it you will often wonder how you thought that was acceptable. Did a deranged ferret break in during the night and mess with your work? Is this some kind of cruel joke?

The answer my friends is no, you were just high on the little piece of magic I like to call ‘finishing a piece of work!’ But you enjoy that feeling, revel in it, bathe in it and make it your own. But remember, after the ferrets have broken in and you come to reread it, please remember that self doubt can be your friend too.

Obviously you are all geniuses who don’t need to rewrite your work, I know this cos you hang out here with me! šŸ˜‰

See you soon…….

Word of the week (3)

It’s word of the week 3 already. Can you believe that?

This weeks word just has a nice sound to it, I like that it reminds me of old school cockney people from London wandering round shouting at their kids to hurry them up. Fun image right?

Say it a few times, learn how it feels. This word should definitely be bought back to the forefront of conversation.

It means to hesitate or have issues making decisions. Just once in my life I want to shout at someone to stop shilly-shallying and hurry up.

I dare you to use this word this week, preferable to someone in power who has no idea what it means! I’m a little dark, I know!

See ya soon!

Finding inspiration everywhere

I will write anywhere. Literally anywhere. My friends and I spent a couple of days in Wales. Wales is beautiful, windy, rainy and friendly. If you get the chance to go please do, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, my friends decided they wanted to do bounce below, which is a whole bunch of trampolines in a cave, awesome!

Unfortunately due to disability I can’t join in these adventures, so I like to tag along and sit in a cafe or on the sidelines and spectate. I am comfortable in my own company, I have enough imaginary friends to keep me busy!

While I am sat upon the sidelines, wherever I am, I write. There is inspiration everywhere. You just have to be open to it, for example there is a man currently sat to my right with a massive beard, hairnet and hard hat on. He is wearing a checked shirt and jeans, hipster type I think. Although, I am not into fashion so he may actually be a lumberjack and I have misunderstood the situation. However, I digress, he keeps running past me occasionally with a huge grin, like a giant bearded six year old! It’s amazing! I could write a whole story on just him. A short story, but it would at least be interesting. See? Inspiration is everywhere!

I have just had a thought though friends, until this moment I have never thought about how much I stare at other people pulling ridiculous facial expressions. You know the ones, when you are acting out scenes in your head and before you know it your face is contorting without your permission?! Yeah, that!

I always have my trusty notebook for occasions such as this. Look for inspiration, it’s everywhere, I promise!

See you soon……