Word Of The Week (4)

Oh! I love this word, well words really. Not only is it featured in the Elvis song ‘The lady loves me’ from viva Las Vegas but it sounds so cool when you drop it into conversation. Pronunciation can be tricky with this word, you can listen to the song here so you can see how to pronounce it correctly. And because, you know, Elvis!

You know those people that know exactly what to do in any situation, or have absolute tact? Yeah? Well they have savior-faire! Cool eh? I am always amazed at how there are literally words for everything and although I do not have the widest vocabulary, especially for a writer, I do like to learn new words!

How would you pop this into conversation? Would you keep it casual or try to ramp up the conversation with your new fancy word?

Have fun and enjoy a bit of Elvis!

See ya soon….


Hi, I'm Jerra. I have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, I'm a natural raconteuse, a skill I inherited from my Grampeee. This is my journey into what it takes to become a writer, the unconventional way!

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