Finding inspiration everywhere

I will write anywhere. Literally anywhere. My friends and I spent a couple of days in Wales. Wales is beautiful, windy, rainy and friendly. If you get the chance to go please do, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, my friends decided they wanted to do bounce below, which is a whole bunch of trampolines in a cave, awesome!

Unfortunately due to disability I can’t join in these adventures, so I like to tag along and sit in a cafe or on the sidelines and spectate. I am comfortable in my own company, I have enough imaginary friends to keep me busy!

While I am sat upon the sidelines, wherever I am, I write. There is inspiration everywhere. You just have to be open to it, for example there is a man currently sat to my right with a massive beard, hairnet and hard hat on. He is wearing a checked shirt and jeans, hipster type I think. Although, I am not into fashion so he may actually be a lumberjack and I have misunderstood the situation. However, I digress, he keeps running past me occasionally with a huge grin, like a giant bearded six year old! It’s amazing! I could write a whole story on just him. A short story, but it would at least be interesting. See? Inspiration is everywhere!

I have just had a thought though friends, until this moment I have never thought about how much I stare at other people pulling ridiculous facial expressions. You know the ones, when you are acting out scenes in your head and before you know it your face is contorting without your permission?! Yeah, that!

I always have my trusty notebook for occasions such as this. Look for inspiration, it’s everywhere, I promise!

See you soon……


Hi, I'm Jerra. I have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, I'm a natural raconteuse, a skill I inherited from my Grampeee. This is my journey into what it takes to become a writer, the unconventional way!

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