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Dear lovelies,

Please come and find me in my new blog that’s where I live now, this blog will no longer exist in 5 days from now…… quick! Hurry!

See you there!!!

Jerra x

The person behind the blog..

I’m not good at writing personal stuff on my blog but it occurred to me that you probably have no idea who I am behind this computer screen, I could literally be anyone……

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So here are 11 facts about me:

1) My favourite pens to write with are bic multi colour ones. I secretly prefer scratchy pens to smooth ones, I know, I know, don’t hate me!

2) I love anything to do with nature, flowers, trees, animals, all of it. I love pretty things! I also like sinister things like skulls, bats, haunted houses etc. Total opposites of the coin.

3) I swear. A lot. I’m like a sailor when I get going. Not something I’m particularly proud of but it’s something I do. I may introduce better words such as fudge or shoot, but sometimes only a swear word will do.

4) I don’t put pictures of me on social media very often. I prefer to remain anonymous. I don’t want to be judged or judge others. It’s just something I’m not very comfortable with.

5) I spend more time writing in my head than I do actually writing physically! (Show of hands, who’s with me?!). I have a story I add to all the time, it’s not one I would want to write, it’s almost like an alternative life. Yes, I’m weird, but I’m ok with that.

6) I am both a tea and coffee lover. Being British this is obviously a bit of an issue! I like to drink milky coffee and prefer tea out of a teapot and teacup, with saucer. I’m definitely living in the wrong era.

7) I listen to old music (50’s 60’s) and country music (Dolly Parton is my jam!). If it’s past 1999 I probably don’t know it exists (unless it’s country music or my partner Flip has told me about it). My playlist is something I wouldn’t share with others, it’s far too unusual.

8) I have 4 spoilt chickens who I love to drink tea with. I once accidentally convinced my neighbours I had a cockerel when it was actually just me crowing. Both embarrassing and cool. I also have 2 dogs (Luna the Old English Sheepdog and Crab the smaller white bitey one who loves his mummy, think Venom without the symbiosis!) and 2 very cute sugar gliders (Teacup and Gomez).

9) I get obsessed with things easily, this can be in any form, my current one is buying and making things for Teacup and Gomez, before that it was making things from shrink plastic and before that it was sweets. I have an obsessive personality, not an addictive one.

10) I form strong attachments to fictional characters. Mine and other people’s. I can’t help it, they become so real to me I have to remind myself they are not my real friends (Elizabeth Bennet, I’m looking at you!). I won’t apologise for my imagination, I think it’s wonderful.

11) I sing, almost constantly, it’s like I live in a musical. I can’t hold a tune though, I have no musical talent at all! Haha! It doesn’t stop me though.

So there you go, this is me.

See ya soon!

I have a new home!!

Not literally guys, let’s not get dramatic here! Basically, I have a new blog that will be launched in June (Pause for dramatic gasp!).

I will run it alongside this one, it’s dedicated purely to writing so ‘word of the week’ will be on there from now on. There will be monthly prompts and reviews of different things (books, stationery, etc) and interesting interviews. I don’t want to give too much away!

This blog will be more about who I am as a person and how I write, my animals will also feature here, be prepared, they are darn cute! The differentiation between the two blogs will become clearer when the other site is up and running. It may seem like a mental idea to run both blogs when it looks like I can barely run one, but you don’t know how things are going to turn out until you try them. I refuse to be a negative Nancy about something I haven’t tried yet, so I shall hold my freakishly small head up high and be an enthusiastic Emily instead!

Who’s with me on this epic journey?! (You need to imagine me standing on a wall punching the air dramatically, otherwise that sounds lame!). I would love for you to join me.

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Watch this space folks………. ❤

Word of the week (16)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a word of the week, or anything actually, but hey, that’s life right!

So this word is really fun to say, it feels nice, I think its the use of the ‘th’ in it.

A plethora is a large quantity of something, like the shells in the background of the picture (see what I did there?!).

Instead if saying ‘there were loads of puppies’ you can now say ‘there were a plethora of puppies’. See how much fun that word is?!

It’s one of my favourites, so how will you use it this week?

See you soon….



What is a writers notebook, why are they important and how do I choose one?

Do you have a writers notebook? Do you know what a writers notebook is? It’s kind of self explanatory really, it’s a notebook to write random ideas, research, advice, pictures, anything that inspires you, or that you don’t want to forget.

I love my notebook, this is what it looks like

It’s A5, lined, hardback, and I take it everywhere with me, I mean EVERYWHERE, I always have it. If I loose it I will definitely have some sort of breakdown!

There is no specific notebook you HAVE to use for this, you can pick anyone you like.

BUT….you must love it! Hear me out, if you don’t love it, you won’t use it, it needs to be perfect, so spend some time choosing. If you need some pointers on choosing a writers notebook, check out my list below.

Things to look for in a writers notebook –

  • Aesthetics, let’s be honest, it’s got to look appealing to you
  • Lines, plain, square or dots? Personally I’m a lined paper kind of gal, but I like the lines to be very specific, thin, but not too thin and the line drawing not to be too harsh. Picky picky picky! I hit the jackpot with mine, the lines are uneven!
  • Paperback or hardback? I have a paperback one for a specific trilogy I’m working on and a hardback one for my actual writers notebook
  • Weight. If I’m honest, mine is a little heavy (don’t tell it I said that!) but I refuse to change it, or stop adding to the weight by sticking things in it!
  • Paper weight. You don’t want any of that thin, see through rubbish, you want a fine upstanding thickness that can hold all your writery secrets!

That brings us onto what to put in said notebook. The true answer is anything you want but this is what I tend to put in it,

  • Words I like or ones that are new to me
  • Word or phrase origins
  • Research, for me there is a bit on forensic stuff and stuff about demons etc
  • Part conversations. Now, you know when you have a conversation happening in your head and you have no idea what characters they are or where the conversation comes from? Write it down! Just because it doesn’t make sense now doesn’t mean it won’t make sense in the future
  • Book or story ideas
  • Character ideas
  • Other people’s ideas (you know, the ones you find on Pinterest and stuff)
  • Prompts, your own or others
  • Overheard conversations (eavesdropping is wrong…….but I still do it)
  • Pictures of celebrities that may appear in your future stories, or just because you fancied some eye candy!
  • Newspaper headlines

There is literally no end to what you can put in it, stick tickets or receipts in it if you want to, it’s YOUR notebook, your choice.

Here are a couple of pages from mine,

As you can see I stick pieces of advice in mine too.

So there you go! It’s like having all your bestest thoughts in one place.

Guard it with your life! Got questions? Sure, give me a shout!

See you soon!

10 Unconventional Writing Prompts


So today I am here to inspire. Look below and take from them whatever you want!

  1. Tell me about the personalities of flowers?
  2. “You can’t come in here” She screamed, “This is my hiding place!”
  3. “Golf. You had the chance to make one sport the sport of the future and you chose golf?!”
  4. What if the demons were actually the good guys?
  5. “I hid the truth serum in the hand cream”
  6. Why do you write? How does it make you feel?
  7. Fairies were not tiny little flying creatures that everyone imagined them to be, they were 8 foot tall and really mean.
  8. Three things to put in a story, cantaloupe melons, a haircut and one red shoe.
  9. Write a tragic comedy about your favourite fictional character.
  10. A genie that can’t grant wishes, but can draw really really good circles.

Good luck with your writing my friends!

See you soon!

Let’s talk about fan fiction (fantic)

Have you heard of it? Maybe you’ve written some yourself? I happen to think it’s a very underrated form of writing. To write in someone else’s style takes a lot of skill and talent. Of course, there is some shockingly bad fanfiction out there, but there are some absolute gems too.

People put whole books up online, usually, a chapter at a time for you to enjoy, and some of the most wonderful quotes come from fanfiction (don’t believe me? Look it up, you won’t be disappointed!). These people are brave, amazing and talented. And a little bit weird.

There is something for everyone too, there will be a fandom (community of excellent fans) for everything you can think of, from real people to fictional characters and everything in between. You can have stories that are rated U and fine for all, all the way up to x-rated kinky stuff, smut. They almost always come with warnings, so if you are looking for heterosexual romantic stuff you won’t suddenly start to read dude on dude porn. There is a LOT of smut out there peeps, be warned, or excited, I’m not here to judge!

The words fascinate me too, Wanna learn some of them?

‘Shippers’ people who really REALLY want two people to get together.

‘Canon’ which means the original work by the creators, the official universe.

‘Non-canon’ is where writers have used their characters and world to create their own fanfiction. They must state that they do not own any of the characters or the world, this is a copyright thing.

‘Cross-overs’ are where you cross two forms of fiction, so you may have Dean from Supernatural in a relationship with Phoebe from Charmed.

‘AU’ or ‘Alternate Universe’ in which the story is set somewhere else, or in a different time, or reality. These can be lots of fun, seeing how the characters react to different circumstances.

‘Fanzine’ is a bunch of fanfictions put together to make a magazine for fans.

There is a rumour, a very exciting rumour surrounding fanfiction, it is said that writers/producers/generally important people sneak on and read fanfic incognito as a way to see what the fans want from the show they create (I hope you did a dramatic, ooooohhhh at that?!). I can neither confirm or deny this rumour, mainly because I’m not any of the above people.

I love it! I love it all! I didn’t know about such things as fanfiction existed until this year, and now I read it all the time. I have yet to write anything myself but I have the utmost respect for those who do write it. As a reader I will ask other readers to do one thing, let the writer know you have read it, comment, like it, do whatever is acceptable in your fandom but please let them know that their hard work is appreciated. Be kind. Don’t write ‘this is crap’ if you didn’t enjoy something, be constructive, these people are proud of their work and it takes balls to put it out there for all to read. Be nice. Lend a hand, help them with grammar or sentence structure.

Here are some good sites for reading fanfic, please be aware of the age bands, they are there for a reason!

One more thing before I go, some of them are shockingly bad, I mean, really really bad, but please remember that you started somewhere too, let’s help these people, help them to improve. And also some of them are written by young teens, please be aware of that too.

Want me to read your fanfic? Sure! Send it my way!

See you soon!